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Fine Molds F-4C From Cam Ranh Bay 1968

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Here is my recently finished Fine Molds F-4C. It is done as 64-0725, from the 557TFS, 12TFW at Cam Ranh Bay Viet Nam ln 1968. This was the Capt. Gene Korotky and Lt. Jerry Stalanker's aircraft named "Sandy Bay-Bee".  It is mostly out of the box and the only place I had to do any seam filling was around the pare where the bridle hook panels were replaced with faired over panels.  I did replace the landing gear with 3D printed parts, as well as the Hook, Fuel Dump Mast and Burner Cans. The kit parts were better than what most kits offer, it is just that the 3D printed parts were just a tad bit more detailed. I also backdated the seats to represent the Mk5 seats. The ladder is also a 3D printed item that I downloaded. It was originally for a larger scale model, but with the help of the printer software, I was able to scale it down to 1/72 scale for this build.  The outboard fuel tanks had the noses reshaped, as the FM tanks are too pointed. The weapons and seatbelts are from Fine Molds add on kits.


The decals are the 4th option offered in the kit, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, Capt Korotky and "speedy01" are one in the same. I have known Gene for some time now and he has been a big help to me with my F-4 builds over the years, and we continue to bounce ideas and modeling thoughts off each other all the time. For me, any model of an F-4 I can add to the display case is a plus, but being able to add one that was flown by a personal friend is a special bonus. Of the over 200 models I have in my cases, this one will truly be the highlight of them all.






725 RR.jpg 


Gene, you asked for a pic after the Spook was added, so here they are.




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Added two updated pics for speedy01
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Outstanding, John. 


The FM lit is excellent, but I still have a fondness for the Hasegawa kit. Glad to see you working both!


Think you may have stuck a refueling boom into this airplane?


Gene K

P.S. Can you post a picture of the model after the Spook was added to the intakes, please?

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Nice build @boomer46, wise choice on the CRB markings. I agree with the others, the ladder is always a nice touch.


I would have liked to see FineMolds do C release with the three 12 TFW CRB squadrons featured. Like we need to buy another short nose F-4!

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