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Have Decals ever been produced for the 460th FIS, F-102A 57-0907 in 1/72 scale ?

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Looks like the only 1/72 decals for the 460th are in the old Hasegawa kit, but they’re for a regular line jet. There are several options in 1/48, if you want to battle the Monogram kit. It does build into an impressive model.


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If you are lucky, someone may have this old sheet around. You may have to mix & match the serial numbers from spares, though:



Or try to find one of these on Ebay:




Again, you're on your own for the serial numbers.



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Not that exact airframe, but a few options out there for the 460th that should just require some generic serials and "buzz numbers."


Wolfpak Decals (RIP) included one on 72-063, which appears to still be available from Fantasy Printshop:



Modeldecal Sheet #11 also has a 460th Deuce.  This sheet is much older so you'd have to find it on the secondary market, but Modeldecal's printing (at least in my experience) holds up very well.



Hasegawa released an F-102/F-106 combo kit in 2013 that also had 460th markings for the Dagger. This one is probably not worth the time and expense given Hasegawa's decal quality, and the fact both kits have been bettered by later releases from other manufacturers.



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Quixote74: I'm not sure on the Deuce/Six kit set, but Hase's Cougar/Tiger duo kit had excellent Cartograf decals in it!


Spacecraftcreator: I used the old ModelDecal sheet and matched the orangey yellow of the crest to paint the wingtips and commander's stripes on an old Hase kit. I made the serials and buzz numbers from spare number sheets. I even added the wing tips from a scrapped F-106 kit to produce the Case XX wing of 907. Please get in touch with me by email for more info:  airflower2  AT icloud  DOT  com (remove the usual).



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