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Stock AMT Chevy Bel Air.  Hope you like.

 I used Easy -Off oven cleaaner to remove the chrome and then I used some self adhesive foil to replicate the chrome work and silver paint on the smaller items and the front grill and rear bumper.  IMG_1255.thumb.jpg.c9b001d89a121912ab8b0c965c0d70f6.jpgIMG_1256.thumb.jpg.ffcbaa0b8d83f034eeec3c0dcc496f23.jpgIMG_1257.thumb.jpg.628eb8704d5e60374afc1eaec7204b58.jpgIMG_1260.thumb.jpg.1b93a987ea3c3de845a460cbb598d725.jpgIMG_1261.thumb.jpg.5a3ca42c6d92ac56c3f4a19f74dbd79d.jpgIMG_1262.thumb.jpg.1c2d89851506f62f1f670c533c75598e.jpg


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NICE!!!! I tried Bare Metal Foil once and it looked like a foil wrapped ham sandwich, ruined my '68 Charger so I no longer attempt to use it. You had good luck, I just don't have the knack or patience so I will mask and paint wherever trim is required. That does look nice!!!!

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