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USAF RF-4C out of Hasegawa RF-4B

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11 hours ago, Buckmeister said:

The Hasegawa RF-4 kits would literally get laughed off the floor if they came out today.  A fighter wing with AIM-7 wells and cheesy little ill-fitting “plugs” to go in them. 

Don't agree with what you're saying. It is very nice if you have built it. For clarity, the kit has innfills for the rear sidewinder bays - the forward ones are hidden by the recon nose parts. So if you build it as you should, it becomes an RF-4. 
Thinking that Z-M is the answer to everything is the biggest blob of all. But that is topic for a separate thread. 

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Imagine if any company came out with a kit like the Hasegawa kit today.  Nowhere did I say ZM is the answer to everything.  No other company has announced new RF-4 kits, unless you know something the rest of us don’t.  The Hasegawa kits have a number of other inaccuracies besides having a fighter belly.

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