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I based the build on 2022 Ka-52s in action in Ukraine with the red stars, bort and registration numbers were all covered up. The Russians don’t seem to be so concerned with hiding aircraft ID in action in 2023. Camouflages of aircraft in action vary with glossy mustard tan and green newly built aircraft sporting colorful bort numbers and stars to the subdued example below.



I used the Italeri Ka-50 and Neomega Ka-52 conversion (sadly not the Arma-Models 3d printed kit)EyYx6nP.jpg

Neomega get the ball rolling with its conversion set but leaves a lot of things out. Studying photographs showed a lot of omitted details, mainly sensors and antennas that would need to be scratch built.


The forward fuselage fits fairly well with the Ka-50 rear fuselage, it did take some sanding though not as bad as I feared.

I aligned it so most of the coarse sanding was on the bottom.


The kit and new fuselage both needed riveting.



A lot of various aftermarket products used, most importantly Metallic Details who provided quite a few high quality Ka-50 improvement sets that I used including exhausts and intakes, new wings and pylons.


The photos I referred to were weathered and faded aircraft so the colors had to be mixed a bit but all three were AKAN; Tan was AKAN 73047, gray (green) 73109 and light blue undersides 77080. All were lightened a bit.


After painting I added Begemot stencils and other tiny decals. All the identifying stars and numbers were sprayed over and the invasion V signs added.




Dented up some fuel tanks.


Neomega's cockpit didn't disappoint. Full of details.


I added a few details and changes to the rotor shaft.



And finally could call it a (long) day. It's an ugly menacing thing, I like it and warts and all, worth all the extra time.

Now to get my AH-64E finished to sit next to it...p09TnkC.jpgQ3ihJPZ.jpgJ3xKjqs.jpgcVzYtVV.jpg 







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Looking at the early build photos, with the rotors off, it could pass for some sort of film spaceship. Might be a good basis for a scratchbuilt sci-fi effort.


Also, the windscreen reminds me of the A-6 Intruder. 

Very nice work.

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The Kittyhawk molds of this look to be released by Zimi soon, as reported in China recently. I may just breakdown and get one, rather than wait for it in a larger scale. There are some excellent images of well weathered machines and original graffiti around for inspiration.


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