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1/144 B-1B 85-0092, 37 BS Ellsworth AFB, June 1993

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My third build of the Academy kit...I backdated this one by omitting the towed decoy fairings & targeting pod and replacing the flush-mounted ECM fairing under the aft fuselage with the blade-type antennas seen in photos of this particular jet.  Other mods were to plug the mounting holes in the mid & aft bomb bays to depict them empty and reposition the stabilizers. 


Paint is Model Master enamels with Tamiya TS-48 for the radome.  Decals are a mix of Caracal 144003 & 144025 and a couple of custom-printed decals for the 37th Bomb Squadron "Tigers" markings.  Oil paints were used for weathering, especially on the engine pods & lower aft fuselage.


















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Another beauty Chris..! I really like the look of the FOD covers on these last two B-1s of yours..! And really nice job on the camoflauge. What were the MM colors you used? 

And how about a group shot or two of the B-1s..?!

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