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New items available from me. 72nd Skyhawk wheels, FA.2 Radome correction and Kinetic Harrier APU duct and vents.

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I ordered and received several copies of the 1/72 A-4 Skyhawk wheels earlier this week. They look great! These look to be a significant improvement over the kit parts. 


Excellent work, Jonathan! I plan on picking up more of your products when they are for a kit/scale that I am interested in.

Have fun modeling!


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Well thank you Mike. I like to know and hear that what I am creating is serving modellers needs and is leaving a pleasant end user experience. I test everything I make and do not release items till the fit and function serves my standards in quality and ease of use is simple has possible. Thanks once again. I really appreciate your comments and take pride knowing I am doing good for the modelling community.

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Not yet. All this customs and declaration stuff...yeesh. And I quoted out a few individuals in other countries just to feel the costing on that region of the market and the shipping prices were outrageous. Haven't quoted anyone in Canada yet. If you wanna try, contact me off board and we can maybe find a address close to you if you dont want to supply your own and I can make an attempt to see what is all involved and what it would cost to get a parcel to you. Best I can do.After all the COVID BS ...shipping parcels on airliners seems to be drooped or in general busy air travel maybe even. This may have had a drastic impact on shippers being able to cut costs on shipping. So things are not what they used to be two plus years back. All the best.


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