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Blue marked bombs

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Well, specific to the photos posted, they're physically different bomb bodies.  The overall blue ones  are inert MK-84 warheads, whereas the blue stripe one is an inert version of a BLU-109 warhead (not sure if there is a specific nomenclature for that one; I always heard them referred to as inert BLU-109 and that's what we used in the test documentation). 


I don't think I've ever seen an overall-blue "109" warhead; all the ones I used or saw used in test drops were either green (non-thermally protected) or gray (thermally protected) with blue stripes, sometimes with orange painted over the original color.

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The majority of inert bomb bodies (Mk 80 Series, small caliber practice bombs, etc) will be overall blue (FS 35109), rarely will you see inert Mk 80 Series Bomb Bodies with blue stripes. As Joe mentioned, the inert BLU-109 warhead will have a blue stripe, it's kind of the exception, all other bomb bodies will be overall blue. You may see museum birds with inert bombs with blue stripes, that is not fleet representative.


The above is for bomb bodies, missiles are a different story. Generally, the CATM-9 is overall blue but other missiles will be painted as normal with blue stripes.


For ground handling and loading drills, the inert ordnance will be overall gold/bronze and are not cleared for flight.


To answer the OP's original question, (for USN/USMC purposes) there is no difference between inert ordnance that is painted overall blue and those with one/two blue stripes. (the fleet does not use inert BLU-11x series bomb bodies, an inert BLU-11x are basically an inert Mk 8x)



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