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Space Shuttle Endeavour / paper model / 1:100 / ABC magazine

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Hello my new friends, I am new to this forum and I am absolutely amazed by all the exceptionaly perfect space models. I decided to share my recent build of space Shuttle, still WIP. It is not that accurate as many others here, but it is a challenge for me. It started as a relatively easy model and became something more complex by the time. I am in the process of finishing the flight deck interior, which is not accurate and for me it is just a better solution than the non-transparent windows from earlier. 


This is going to be STS - 49 maiden flight of Endeavour with Intelsat IV and 3 astronauts in the cargo bay. At the beginning I didnt expect it to be made with an interior, so it was kinda challenge to create it and try to fit it inside only using the small windows holes and cutouts from the cargo bay. Also applying all the tiles is not funny anymore :D  Hopefully in the end, it will be quite honest representation of Space Shuttle :-)












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Welcome to this Forum karlos221.

i've built a couple Shuttle models in various scales including 1/100 and this is looking pretty good. But when you say it's a paper model, did you just apply the paper tiles over the Tamiya kit? It doesn't matter because the model DOES look nice! and the added detail in the Cockpit and Payload Bay is gonna make this even nicer!


Carry on and keep us posted on STS 49's progress!


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