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Looking for an EF-111A "walk-around" picture reference site...

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"Decent" is in the eye of the beholder, but some quick Google-fu turns up some options:







A) Most of these show preserved example(s) so as always there may be some variation with aircraft when in-service


B) The EF-111As were all conversions of A-models so if there are specific details you can't find for the Spark Vark, try looking for the equivalent details on an A (in general if it wasn't part of the conversion it would have stayed the same)

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Thank you everybody! I really don't know just HOW I missed these sites! I searched under "EF-111A Raven" also adding "walk-around" to the search also...  Thank you again for the assists!!!

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The first link @Quixote74 gave is my go-to source of detail Raven pictures 👍 


If you're building a 1/48 Raven this might be of interest to you as all available kits have the standard F-111 aft bulges 😉




HB kit bulge:




BAM Raven bulge:



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In Sept 1983 (40 yrs ago (!!)), an EF-111 (66-023) stopped at Wright-Patterson AFB, and base employees were allowed to come down to the flight line and view it.  Here are a few shots from the ones I took that should be of some help  😉





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I just purchased the BAM set and it is of very good quality, but I have to admit that it is pricey if you compare it with the price for the seamless intake set for the same kit.


However, if you want to have a more accurate Raven, that is the way to go.


Overall, I am very happy with what I bought.





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It's simply a matter of development cost vs expected volume. The ECM bulges took less time than the intakes to design but sell much, much less (as expected since the intakes fit most F-111 variants).


That being said I look forward to seeing accurate Ravens!



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