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Israeli targeting pods

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On the Israeli F-15Is, do they use the older but proven AN/AAQ-14 pod or the AN/AAQ-28 Litening pod? I would imagine if they use AN/AAQ-14pod, they more than likely modify them for their own special needs. The 14 pod and the 28 pod look almost identical. Can the AN/AAQ-14 pod designate targets with GPS coordinates for JDAMs and such? I know the 28 pod can, not sure about the 14 pod though. Im building a 1/48 scale F-15D Baz right now, was thinking about using a targeting pod, maybe on the center line pylon with some GBU 31 JDAMs on the wing pylons



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I would think with the F-15D models' advancements that they would be able to use the AN/AAQ-28 Litening pod. The 14 pod you mentioned for the AGM 142 Popeye is actually controlled some other pod that can transmit what the missile is seeing via a digital link. I cant remember what it is called though. When I get home, Ill look at my instruction book for the F-15I Sufa. Its on there for the Popeye missile.

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1 hour ago, Dave Williams said:

The data link pod for the Popeye missile is the AN/ASW-55.

just saw it on my instruction book. Is there a Popeye missile that doesn't need a data link pod? Looks like there are several versions, maybe a GPS version but not sure

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