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H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) a nice little project, Aoshima 1/72. Not too much sanding but a lot of wrapping tinfoil.

The orange-gold foil that I picked was to tick, very difficult to handle with a 72 vehicle of this size.

















The cargo 











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Project done. It looks decent but it will never be a contest model. I had a few issues using the mylar. I think that is expired. When I was handling the colour it wore off. I don't know if any of you had those issues.

Next projects A CSM and LM and Orbiter, the Enterprise with the ALT paint scheme in 1/144. I just wish that I have Pete speed. 


See you in cyberspace.































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I don't know about "contest-worthy", but it sure looks great to me. I'd believe the in-flight photos were of the real thing.


Now you've caused a great mystery over here. I started on the Aoshima kit years ago, but it turned out that the kit was actually something like 1/100 scale. So I scratchbuilt a 1/72 version, even posted my in-progress photos somewhere, and now I can find no trace of either model, nor of any posts I might have made anywhere. None of my storage boxes have it listed on the contents.  The only evidence that I ever worked on these at all are a couple of leftover Photoshop files, and I don't even know if I just enlarged the kit decals or actually created my own from images of the flight article. Someday, some executor is going to have an adventure. Sigh...



panel length 2.jpg


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Well, you know the road and the difficulty for the real modeller, the Real Space Modelers. I always told to my club friend, to build Real Space, with no accuracy on the kits, not too much after-market a few references and you will be a complete modeller Jaja Jaja.


Whoo!!! Your decals are fantastic! Great job man, you put more effort than me. Thanks for sharing someone could benefit from them! 


When I did my research online, I only was able to find two models, both stray from the box. The Aoshima kit had potential, but I guess that is not popular.


I hope that you find pictures of the model.





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