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LF: Source for 1/144 decals for Jimmy Stewart's B-24H "Male Call" of the 34 BS, 453 BG

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Neat Idea.

How did you find the serials for his B-52 and 58 flights?

I have seen a photo of him with a '52, but I don't think there was a serial visible.


And while you're on a roll, though probably not in 1/144... you could make a collection of his civil aircraft...

Pre-war he had a Stinson 105 that is pretty well documented.

Circa 1962 he bought a Cessna 310 (I think an F) which has been restored and is on display in his home town.

His last aircraft was, according to his biography in a 1975 program for the London production of his stage show "Harvey", a Super Cub he kept at Burbank. 

And you could also do his P-51B racer he owned/sponsored.


If you'll allow a brief side story...

I happened to be in London doing a college course, and went to see him in the play.

After the show, I wanted to meet him and I remembered the stories of fans waiting at the stage door...so I did.

A production assistant took our programs and returned with them signed. Mr. Stewart came out and spoke with a fan who asked him about one of his leading ladies. I mentioned my interest in aviation history and we briefly spoke about his service in the war. I can't really remember specifics, I was too nervous.

His limousine pulled up, the chauffeur opened the door and returned to his seat. As Mr. Stewart  entered the back seat and sat down, I said "Goodnight, Mr. Stewart", and in a kindly, gentile voice you'd recognize from his films, he said "Goodnight".

I closed the door and he drove off into the night.


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That is a wonderful story. I never met him personally.  I am sure it is a treasured memory.  He is my favorite actor.


As to the decals: Kursad of Caracal has included Jimmy Stewart markings on the 1/144 B-36 sheet from the movie "Strategic Air Command."  He also included the B-47B markings from the same movie on the 1/72 B-47 Sheet.  We are just waiting for Kursad to scale it down to 1/144 which he promised to do for some time now.  He included Jimmy Stewart's B-58 "Champion of Champions" flight markings on his 1/144 B-58 release.  He has planned to release a 1/144 B-52C/D/E/F tall tail BUFF decal sheet very soon and anticipate that B-52F 57-0149 will be included.  In the meantime, my backup plan is to use the B-52D/F silver markings from the Minicraft/Academy kit, but modifying the serial to 0149 from the J-Bot B-52F decals.  So all I really need are scaled down B-24H decals.


As to his civil aircraft, that will probably have to be 1/72 and will come much later, if ever.  I have a biography with several photos of his aircraft, but not the Cessna 310F not Super Cub.




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