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SE Asia camo colors

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I am working on several models right now. One of them is the Monogram F-105D. First time using Tamiya paints for this. Was going to use TS 27 white for the bottom, which is more of an off white and AS 15 for the tan color. Both of those paints are spray and XF 61 dark green and XF 62 olive drab' In the past I have always used Model Masters camo grey for the bottom, dark tan and dark green and medium green. Can't really find a medium green in Tamiya's XF line. I found a XF 58 olive green but still looks a bit to dark. What is everyone using for SE Asia camo in the Tamiya line?



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I can't speak for how well they match the FS 595 colors, but if you're OK with spray cans and want to avoid mixing, Tamiya's AS series includes AS-13 meant to match 34079 dark green and AS-14 meant to match 34102 medium green. 


There seems to be some difference of opinion about whether AS-16 is a match for 36622 (the correct underside color for the standard SEA camouflage scheme) vs. 36440 light gull gray.  Likewise AS-20, although labeled as "Insignia White," is actually a very light gray (far too dark/gray to match 37875, too light for a match to 36622 unless you're accounting for heavy fading/scale effect).

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Decanting is releasing the paint in the spray can into another container so it can be used in an airbrush.  It has to sit open for a few hours to let the propellant gas off so it can be sprayed.  There is a device that you can purchase to ease the decanting process.  Others may know more about this.


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