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Academy 1/48 A6M2b in the colours of Eduard Lt. Kunio Kanzaki

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Hello gang.


This is my first build for 2024 and I target to finish in record-breaking time, by March!


Academy's A6M2c is a lovely model and in my opinion, equally good to Eduard's own (when compared entirely OOB).

I have both of them and decided to build first the Academy, in the colours provided by Eduard for the plane of Lt. Kunio Kanzaki.

For this purpose, I bought separately the masks provided for the national insignia and codes and the stencils.

The build will be entirely OOB, with the exclusion (ok, here we go again!) of seat belts, the control surfaces and the wheels.


I am working on the cockpit, and there is little more to get it done. As this is a Nakajima machine I decided to use AK NAKAJIMA Interior Green.

For the fuselage I used the Tamiya X-13 Metallic Blue.




Not too much research on this one. Just go with the flow of what seems acceptable, using the manuals (Academy and Eduard for the particular plane) and a couple of forums, trying not to get too carried far away.






That's all for now!

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14 hours ago, Mr.Happy said:

Your off to a great start. I’m looking forward to your next installment.


Good on you mate!




Thank you, Mr. Happy 🙂

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1st Milestone completed!

With the cockpit finished, the fuselage is now closed.










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13 hours ago, eraucubsfan said:

I have this kit too, I am following along 

Most probably you will build it much before I do lol.

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