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Airfix 1/72 S.2 Buccaneer, XW529, RAF Boscombe Down, 1970's

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Hello all,


Here is the finished 1/72 model of S.2 Buccaneer from Airfix with the decals from Xtradecal for the machine at RAF Boscombe Down.

The model itself is very well as you already know. My only humble comment would be the thickness and depth of the detail lines on the fuselage, wings etc. (I think with the new 1/72 Me-410 model kit Airfix attempts to get rid of these thickness and depth)

The model was tried to be finished with the plane flown in 1970's with few antenna modification applied.

It is almost out of box. The minor additions are the white antenna which was a simple white evergreen placard shaped accordingly and the ejection handles for the seats.

Some parts were thinned as much as I could do like exhaust, landing gear doors, pitots etc.

I have used GSI Creos (Gunze) Aqueous colours for camouflage. 

I worked with Iwata Custom Micron and sprayed generally freehand where necessary.


After examining many photos I tried to gather all the weathering on one subject.

Actually the real plane was kept in a pristine condition hence was glossy. But being more in favour of giving a try to weathered subjects I tried to depict as if it had to be used also for normal operations. So no glossy finish and with some weapons. 

Also the canopy was painted in Extra Dark Sea Gray color. The pylons were painted with same color and are the Navy types instead of RAF ones.The roots are there.

The wash should be lighter. Actually for the last 10 years I am using the darker tones of the colours where the lines run but this time I used Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color 'Black'. Now I say to myself "You fool! But next time"


Please comment and criticise (throw all the stones) since I will be building another one in future as used in Desert Storm.




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I like that a lot. Unusual placement of the rear reg. I guess to keep it out of the muck from the exhausts. It is accurate, though possibly less of an angle than you have it. In any case, it doesn't detract.




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56 minutes ago, barkin mad said:

I like that a lot. Unusual placement of the rear reg. I guess to keep it out of the muck from the exhausts. It is accurate, though possibly less of an angle than you have it. In any case, it doesn't detract.






I am afraid you are right. Even though the location seems a bit OK the angle should be a bit different which I missed somehow. May be the amount of the sooth also creates more error on the look. But at the end l am happy that it does not create a great obstacle.

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