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1 hour ago, eraucubsfan said:

Why should he, we are running his site which is still fairly popular and he collects the money. He’s said it doesn’t make much from it but nonetheless he makes something from it 

We clearly need more moderators with the ability to do something, besides just erasing spam posts. He could change the rules for new members to post, or set up a different system for verification of membership.  Or, he could set up moderators with that capability, since his actions demonstrate he has zero interest in running this joint.  But he visited and posted twice in 2023 (on January 8 and Dec 15), so he literally has zero idea of anything that occurs here and has made no contact with those who have requested additional forum management help.


If it weren’t for the fact a few group build mods happen to be able to erase spam posts, this site would be overrun and participation would be almost nil.


Or you can continue along thinking everything is just rosy and erase 1400 junk posts on a random weekend while Capt Bamford abandons ship, your call!

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I don't think everything is rosy, not by a long shot. Hence my requests for help of which you guys gave great ideas. Just sadly, without Steve we have no way to implement those ideas.

 I would love if he answered my emails but I gave up sending them a while back.


At the end of the day, I enjoyed this site. Not as much now as in the past, (all I do now it seems is erase spam, and ban people who don't know how to communicate with out insults.) The spam is almost every freaking day, not normally over a thousand but still, every freaking day.


But its still a good reference, and I have made more then a few friends here. There are a few of us who want to keep it alive.



Hmmmm....stupid spammers from Korea are back.

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There is a short time limit  imposed by the forum software between subsequent posts by the same user. For example, I just tried to submit a second post immediately after my initial post and got this message:


"New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 12 seconds before submitting."



Is there a way to lengthen this interval to, say, 1 minute? 5 minutes?  That could at least reduce, if not eliminate, the number of rapid-fire spammer posts. 




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To be honest, this site has been abandoned by the owner and left to its own devices.  Until Steve decides to change the forum software, or give moderators more power, these spambots are going to continue.  Nothing is stopping them.  It’s entirely their choice how long they keep it up, when they start, and when they stop.

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Currently, one account has filled 13 pages and counting in 'Test Post' - at least these Korean 'attacks' have been confined to that sub-forum...


....I did volunteer to assist as a mod during a similar run of spamming some time ago, but seems no-one has to authority to issue such powers...

....has anyone tried contacting Steve via the 'other' site? Might have more luck attracting his attention there, as that's where money's generated...

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