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On to side 4.  It looks like these pipes gradually slope down from side 1 to side 3.  When they turn the corner they are close together.  It looks like the first 5 pipe brackets are the same.  The next 5 brackets have a spacer between the pipes.  I will go ahead and make two pipe bracket types for this side.  



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It's nice that you're using photos from my STS-6 construction report, but then you should cite the source too, that's just part of the game. :whistle:





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I am very impressed by the various Amphioxus models.  I would highly recommend these models.  For those that need a link here is a home page https://www.chronic3d.com/assembly-instruction/ and the print files can be downloaded for a minimal fee at https://cults3d.com/en/users/theamphioxus/3d-models  It appears the Saturn V model can be seen at various NASA museums around the country.  


 Many model rockets only model the exterior.  These models have the detail on the interior as well.  The Saturn V had a great deal of detail.  The various rocket sections are not glued together so you can display the parts on stands in the horizontal position or stacked in the vertical postition.



The shuttle external tank consists of only two tanks.  This large part of the model only separates into two parts, the two tanks.  There is detail in the inter tank region that is visible when the two tanks are separated.  On the Saturn V there are many upper and lower tank ends that consist of 8 parts that have to be glued together.  This model has two of these tank ends that can ether be printed as separate parts or printed as one part (which I did).  This made for a much easier assembly.  The lower tank consists of three parts.  after gluing them together I sanded the joints and then sprayed it with Tamiya acrylic orange with a bit of flat black added to darken the color a bit.  


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Unfortunately this site was not what I was hoping it would be.  There is a major paradigm shift in modeling going on right now that is unlike anything I have ever seen in the 50+ years I have been modeling.  Instead of buying an off the shelf model and hacking it to improve it we can now design and print our own plastic parts.  This has led to a remix culture of collaborative model design.  For instance the Apollo LUT model is not my own work but a collaborative effort of many people.  I started with what others had accomplished and added or updated parts.  As I progressed people pointed out my mistakes and I was thankful that I could redesign the parts so I could help to improve the model.  Others gave me detailed NASA documents, original pictures or simply better parts they designed or new parts that I had missed.  Due to the collaborate effort I now know the flashing red beacon on top was a Cooper Crouse-Hinds FCB beacon.  One guy even designed and printed 20 emergency shower/eyewash stations using his printer which has much greater detail than my printer.  He even paid to mail me the parts as thanks for my effort.  Over time this model has been improving and I hope that other people currently building the model will continue to improve on the detail and quality of the model and publish their new parts for free for the benefit of all.  Thanks to the effort of dozens of people this model is way beyond anything you can buy off the shelf and will continue to improve.  Note that you can even scale these models to any scale you want.  I encourage everyone to check out this new and exciting form of modeling.  I also wish everyone good luck and good modeling.  

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