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1-32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc with Quinta Studio interior decal

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Three little parts come together here. At first, the one with the funny legs sticking up gave me some trouble, because I was fitting it in place backward. I was trying to fit the side of that part that is facing out of the page in the instructions onto the face of part H40. I tried a few times, but it didn't locate right. Flipping it around, it instantly fit perfectly in place - just like everything else Tamiya engineers.



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This next step is a bit tricky. The first time I glued the two side parts together (the ones shown assembled already in this step), I got them wrong. The diagram was not conclusive to me, so I ended up putting them 180 degrees out from where they should be. At that point, I had been called upstairs to mash some potatoes, a request which I never refuse if I want to stay married.

The glue had time to dry on the poorly-orientated parts before I noticed it. It was only when I dry-fit one of the Y1 parts in place that I noticed it was at an angle, which is not correct. Luckily, I am using Tamiya extra-thin cement. A quick application of some drops of the same cement, and very quickly the parts came apart without damaging anything. I swapped the two parts around 180 degrees, and found that Y1 fit perfectly onto one end at a 90 degree angle. Phew.

I put the bag with the kit-supplied magnets beside the diagram. Hmm. Which is which? The back of the instructions to the rescue again. MG1 are the three large magnets, so I will next glue one into the remaining Y1 part with CA, then attach onto the assembly in the instructions. 

Having learned a small lesson about dry-fitting (for the 10,000th time), I will dry-fit the whole thing in place as per the next step before gluing this time, just to make sure it all orients correctly.




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It's been a while since I posted - I've been very busy finalizing a book I've written. Slow progress. First, landing gear painted with Tamiya XF 83 (underside colour), then finished with silver from a PILOT pen.

I then attached the engine and cowlings. Fit was good on one side, not so good on the other, but nothing a little filler won't fix. Given the detail of the engine, it's understandable the cowlings are a bit finnicky.

I've left off the exhaust stacks for now - they'll get painted separately, and installed after I've done the camouflage.






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Slow updates - been busy with multiple things. 

Got the landing gear assembled, and painted with the XF equivalent to the TS colour. The Tamiya paints (spray and acrylic bottles) match very nicely. This is what the underside looks like before painting, with the gear.

Minimal putty applied. Cockpit masked. Even though the kit comes with canopy masks, I don't like to use them. Top grey applied after bottom masked off.




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For camo demarcations, I like to use 3M surgical tape. I cut it into narrow lengthwise strips, so it bends easily. What I love about this tape is that it sticks perfectly and is pliable. I fill in the gaps with regular masking tape. Here I tried multiple types of masking tape (painters, normal). Then I used the TS top green.


See the tiny green part next to the instructions, above the landing gear? That is an antenna that broke off the top of the rudder after I applied masking tape. I carefully kept it, then studied the drawings. Surprise! I was supposed to chop it off anyway. Phew.






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Masking worked well. I touched up a few tiny problems with the XF equivalents, which blended and matched very nicely with the TS spray paint. Gotta love it. Landing gear attached. One thing to watch out for: insert the gear struts first, then parts AA4 and 5 and their covers. Now it's sitting nicely on its wheels.

Thanks for stopping by.






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Posted (edited)
On 6/1/2024 at 2:46 PM, phantom said:

Looking great as always!

Thanks Shawn! This is not an easy kit to build. Very complex parts. Doing my best for my friend on Vancouver Island.

This is the first time I've used decals that include the yellow leading edge strips for a Spitfire. First minor problem is the mis-numbering left and right. The instructions have the upper decal 14 for the right wing, and 83 underneath for the yellow strips.

I blindly followed this, and realized quickly that the bend in the strip was reversed, so I swapped the decals to the opposite wing.

Look at decal 14 on the sheet (I've cut out 15 to its right, and realized 15 was for the right wing). It curves backward to be on the left wing, not the right wing as per the colour instructions. It also took forever to get these decals to settle in place. They need to curve around the leading edge and sit in place, so lots of softener solution used. I ended up with a tiny gap between upper and lower decals (14 and 83 in this case), and used a bit of yellow paint to fill in. I think this is the last time I use decals like this - I prefer masking and painting.

EDIT: I just realized that the longer yellow decal is probably intended to be the UNDERSIDE, not the top - so then the numbering works. Sheesh.

The third photo here doesn't have the lower yellow strip in place yet.

The prop tips are also yellow decals. They are not bad, but again I'll probably use paint next time.

Coming along nicely. Only the underside to go now.







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Added info about how I misread the instructions for decals.
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2 hours ago, habu2 said:

Enjoying this build, I have this kit on the way. 

I'm sure you'll do a great job on it with your skills. There's a lot of potential in this one, right out of the box.


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On 6/5/2024 at 6:58 AM, 11bee said:

Impressive work.   I'll have to give that surgical tape a try.  

Thanks, 11bee

I'm calling this one done. Packaging it up for my buddy on the West Coast - I just have to wait until I receive copies of my newly-published book so I can include one for him in the box.












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Sharp-eyed readers will notice some of the above 'finished' pics were missing the cockpit door. I had left it off while painting, and I actually lost a bit of sleep last night as I realized I'd forgotten it, so I took some hasty photos of that.


I liked this kit with the Quinta decals so much that I have immediately started my own, which is a Mk XVIe, not a Mk IX like the one for my friend. As I opened the box for the new one, I realized I had already bought some Quinta interior decals - so I now have an extra set. If anyone wants them, I can send them to you for the cost of actual postage plus a few dollars. I'd rather see them put to use than toss the little package out because I won't build a third Tamiya Spitfire.


I was able to make really fast progress, because I learned a lot from building the first kit. The parts are almost identical, but of course the bubble canopy makes a difference. One odd thing is that the whole area behind the seat (the big green round things and the silver bulkhead at rear) are completely invisible due to the fuselage being closed up. The fit, of course, is superb. Soon I'll be closing up the fuselage.






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You have made a fine job of the Mk IX. I think your friend will be chuffed with it. A couple of pointers for you next one, if I may, walkway lines are under the roundels & the crowbar on the pilots door was black or silver in wartime, red is a post war modern thing.




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On 6/12/2024 at 6:15 AM, barkin mad said:

You have made a fine job of the Mk IX. I think your friend will be chuffed with it. A couple of pointers for you next one, if I may, walkway lines are under the roundels & the crowbar on the pilots door was black or silver in wartime, red is a post war modern thing.




Thanks for the information! At first I thought the Tamiya instructions show the black lines over top of the roundels... then after your comment, I squinted at the drawings and saw that what I thought was the walkway line over top of the roundel was actually just the panel line in the drawing. Doh! I will fix the crowbar, since I haven't mailed out the kit yet. 


I was unhappy with the kit roundels - they were quite thick, and hard to get to conform to the surface. I just received some roundels from Above and Below Graphics in Victoria, BC, for my own kit. Above and Below took over the former CANMILAIR decals designs after Bill bowed out of the business, and the new owner, Andrew, was happy to scale up his 1/48 to 1/32 for me at a very reasonable price (less than $20 Canadian). Andrew happens to be a friend of the guy whom I'm building this one for, since they both share a passion and live only about two hours leisurely drive apart on Vancouver Island.



Screenshot 2024-06-13 155452.gif

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