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I'm looking for information on the interior of the EC-47.  Have been to the EC-47 web site but looking for drawings that I could use to build the Monogram 48th scale kit.  Thanks in advance for any help from you out there.



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Many years ago while in the U.S.A.F., one of the senior NCOs who worked for me served in Vietnam as a crewmember in EC-47s.


Just for fun, I Googled "EC-47 interior photos", figuring I 'd find some period private photos, some USAF historical photos and perhaps some diagrams from flight manuals.


Here's what I found:



Obviously, if you follow the links, you'll get more.

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These shots were taken by Lee Croissant, a cargo and EC-47 pilot I met in Parker CO.  You might find them interesting.  Lee is in the shot at the nose of one of his birds.






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1 hour ago, Da SWO said:

The EC-47 nose was elongated IIRC.

If you look at the ramp shot, aside from the antennas all over the place on the birds, the second to the last bird appears to have a longer nose....


Lee indicated he flew EC-47's and when I shot the copies of his slides, he pointed them out.  He even wrote a fictional account of his flying, "Flyboys, round engines and spooks".


As to the nose question, can't speak to that, they may have started with standard noses, and mod'ed them when more gear came on line... 


But regular C-47's didn't have whip antennas all over the place.


Here's another one of Lee's shots, 67-18093, and no, that is not an Ash n Trash U-21B.....


There was a lot of "funny stuff" in Viet Nam, and not all of it "standardized", some of the RP-2E/AP-2E "Crazy Cat" Army birds were equally fascinating, I think they had 12 of them.  One of the guys I flew with at Ft hood was in the last P-2 transition class.  they shut the course down about a week before everyone would have completed it.  He was mighty bummed...







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7 hours ago, BWDenver said:


Note the differing air intakes atop the cowls. I read that some EC-47s were equipped with R2000 engines, although I don’t know if this accounts for the scoop mod.

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Here's an interesting paint scheme for your model. It's an EC-47N. I took the photos at Nha Trang Airbase in March, 1970. Sorry for the scratches; damaged in shipment back to the states.


I also recommend the book "The EC-47 Experience" by James C. Wheeler. It's got a ton of information on the EC-47 including some interior photos during missions. Very good read.





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