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Hello dear friends,


 I have Kinetic F/A-18C kit from Gold series,box "Royal Maces".

 And I don't like paint scheme in the box, but I could not get other box of that kit.I want to make representation of aircraft that flown in VMFA-115 "Silver Eagles" Marines.


 I have buyed fantastic set of decals from Flying Leathernecks and there is paint scheme for two aicrafts from that Marine sq. VMFA-115.

 I like that blue,white and red line on vertical stabilazers and shadows profile of eagle too.But in instruction manual of decals says that there is specific markings for F/A-18A+ variant.


 Also, I have Eduards brassin SJU-17, but there is written that this specific two aircrafts from the set had SJU-5/6.


Question for experts is:

1.) Can I make A+ variant from C variant, and did these aircrafts eventualy get SJU-17?


2.) Would it be wrong to make them with that ejection seat, and does cockpit of C variant can be used to present A+ variant?


3.) Did airframe had any deferences betwean these two variants etc... ?


4.) Can I use exact markings and serial numbers, 163167 and 163162, from that set to present aircraft who had eventualy SJU-17?


5.) Do, Marine F/A-18A/C have stencils on pylons?If do, who makes them in 1/48, and where to buy them.Kinetic kit is naked gun, so one needs a lot of money to make decent kit.


Thank you in advance.

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Instrument panel and exterior details would be the same as that found on an F/A-18A. 

GPS Dome, swept back upper and lower UHF/VHF antenna, AN/APX-111 antenna on nose, SJU-5/6


Both aircraft, 163167 and 163162, got upgraded to F/A-18A++ and got the SJU-17, but several years after their OIF deployment (which the markings on the decal sheet depict)


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