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Browsing the "evil-bay" as one does to keen an eye out for 53 stuff I ran into this little gem......with announcement of the 3d printed Seaking I guess it was only a matter of time.  But $800 USD....ouch


I wonder how "rough" the parts are and how easy or difficult it would be to build up.  Even in 1/48th scale the Academy is a scratch builders dream its so darn big.  I have two CH-47's now.  One in 1/48th and one on 1/35th.  I also bit the bullet and got the 1/35th CH-54 from ICM......big helo's






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About 15 years ago there was an announcement about the CH 53 but sadly it went nowhere until this.

Love to see more on this like interior, cockpit And rotorhead.

i agree $800 is a bit much but resin is expensive and designing this might be as well.

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On 4/2/2024 at 2:09 PM, Mr Matt Foley said:

If it was a MH-53J or MH-53M I'd save my allowance and hide it from the wife.

CONCUR 100%.......and I would have to hide it as well......

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Just throw it in the back of the pickup (or 5 ton) and keep driving around town (or base).  I am thinking of building a "tool shed" in a corner of the back yard, knowing my wife will probably never enter it.

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