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Zoukei Mura 1/48 F-4E Viper killer!

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On 5/14/2024 at 11:56 AM, A-10 LOADER said:

Wowzzer, awesome work Drew !!


Thanks Steve!


On 5/14/2024 at 1:24 PM, RichB63 said:

Wow! I love that forward windscreen coaming. It will feature prominently on the finished model, so all that hard work pays off in the end.


Great job!


Thanks Rich!  I'm surprised no one in the aftermarket business has made a really good 3D print replacement for this area.  


23 hours ago, my favs are F`s said:

Yeah, just get that construction started! 🙂 Man oh man, that's probably the best looking F-4 cockpit in this scale I've ever seen.  

Thanks!  I'm definitely itching to get started on main assembly!

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Posted (edited)

Hi Guys, I’ve managed to make some more progress now that the cockpit area is complete.  Like my previous builds, I decided to add some rivet detail with my Galaxy Models riveter set.  ZM does provide some nice rivet detail, especially in the unpainted areas around the exhausts, but I wanted to add more rivet detail based on reference photos.  I also used the excellent drawings created by Jumpei Temma.  You can find them here: http://soyuyo.main.jp/f4/f4-4.html#draw. Some of his panel line locations didn’t match ZM’s kit, so I filled them in with rubberized black CA and rescribed them as necessary.




Rather than use the kit part for the red light on the tail, I trimmed down a chunk of transparent red resin and glued it in place, then sanded and buffed it to match the profile of the tail.  Also, since I’m using Master Model brass probes, I cut a section of Albion brass tubing and glued it in the tail section.  When I’m ready to paint, I can easily insert the probe in this tubing.




I originally thought that ZM located the edges of the fuselage spline insert along panel lines, but reference photos do not show this to be the case.  So I carefully applied black rubberized CA along this joint to fill it in.  I took care not to fill in the rivets, as those should be there.








Based on the Modern Phantom Guide book, the jet I’m depicting should have the belly strap.  There is one included in the Hypersonic late F-4E set, but it’s vinyl, and I wasn’t really satisfied with it.  Instead, I made my own using thin sheet styrene.  I have a ZM F-4G in the stash that includes the belly strap, so I used it for guidance on how it should look.  To replicate larger raised rivets, I used my Archer rivet decal sheet.






I opened up the exhaust vents to add some realism in this area.




The hole in the nose for the pitot tube was too large for the Maser Model brass version, so I glued in a brass tube with an ID that better fit for the part.




I enlarged the openings of the RAM air intakes on the sides of the nose.




The tail was missing the bumps for the two RWR antennas, so I added them using a drop of thick UV glue.  I also cut off the kit tail fuel vent since I’m using the Quickboost version.




I opened up the fuel tank vents at the trailing edges of the wings.




The kit inserts for the front Sparrow missile bays is not the right shape.  The kit inserts are rectangular, but in reality, they bulge out on the sides towards the rear.  I added the bulges with strip styrene.  The slot for the Sparrow fin is also too long.  On the kit part, this slot extends across the entire length of the insert, but it should stop several inches (in real life) from the end of the insert.  I corrected this by plugging the front part of the slot with strip styrene.  Since these rear of these inserts start to retract into the airframe when the engines are off, I positioned them this way to replicate this effect.  I also opened up the vents on both sides of the nose gear bay.




Since I will show the auxiliary air intake doors open as typical for an F-4 with the engines shut down, I wanted to show more detail, as the kit does not offer much in this area.  Aires makes aux air intake bays for the Hasegawa kits, so I figured I would see if they would fit in the ZM kit.  They actually fit pretty well, although I had to chop out some of the kit engine to avoid interference.   This is no problem since it is all hidden when everything is assembled.






With this work out of the way, I can get the main assembly started.  Thanks for looking!




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Posted (edited)

Great attention to detail. In addition to being a talented modeler, I can tell you’re a Phantom Phreak as well! 👍



Edited by RichB63
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Thanks everyone!  The Modern Phantom Guide Book is a big help in catching alot of these details.  I highly recommend it if you can find it if you're building a later service F-4.  I wasn't a Phantom expert at the start of this project, but I think I will be by the time I have it finished!

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On 6/8/2024 at 2:30 PM, RichB63 said:

Great attention to detail. In addition to being a talented modeler, I can tell you’re a Phantom Phreak as well! 👍

I think you and Drew are Model Phreak Brothers.:thumbsup:


Gene K

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