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More 1/35 MH-60R Seahawk decals coming

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This will be low-viz H-60 Seahawk family part 3 sheet 35-009.


Part 1 already had some MH-60R's mixed with other Seahawk variants, but this part 3 sheet is exclusively more Romeos with 12 new options (10 US and 2 Aussie) with mostly all new squadrons covered:

HSM-37 Easyriders (2015-16)
HSM-40 Airwolves (2012)
HSM-46 Grandmasters (2022)
HSM-46 Grandmasters (2023)
HSM-48 Vipers (two variations from 2022)
HSM-71 Raptors (2021-22)
HSM-72 Proud Warriors (2022)
HSM-74 Swamp Foxes (2016)
HSM-75 Wolf Pack (2021)
HSM-77 Saberhawks (2020)
RAN 816th Squadron [Nomad] (2020)
RAN 816th Squadron [Convict] (2021)

HSM-46 and HSM-48 were also covered in part 1, but these on this new sheet are different schemes/years.

HSM-77 option can be paired with sister MH-60S squadron HSC-12 on part 2 sheet from the same USS Ronald Reagan 2020 cruise.


Similar to parts 1 & 2, this part 3 will also include the full airframe data sheet 35-002.


They're at the printers now (Microscale & Cartograf), hope to get them maybe July/Aug timeframe?







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11 hours ago, Rotorman said:

So wish these awesome decals would have been available when I build my MH 60.

Price ?

Parts 1 and 2 were released a couple years ago, unfortunately it turned out to nearly coincide with Kitty Hawk folding up and the R/S kits short release period. 

Part 3 should be about the same price, $25ish. It's 2.5 full sheets.

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