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vietnam era phantom stencil placement questions?

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I'm working on the 1/48 Tamiya phantom and have started placing stencils.  I imagine this question applies to many modern US jets but I don't really know.  How precise is the positioning of the stencils?  I'm about half done with the no step/no push stencils on the top and have just lined them up with my eyeball but I began wondering whether they ought to have a precise alignment?  If they are supposed to be precisely aligned, how does one go about it?  Those tiny decals are mighty fiddly....


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It would depend on if your subject has its original factory stencil data, or if it had been repainted after an overhaul.  Most Navy and Marine Phantoms left their first overhaul with almost no stencils at all.  If it still has the factory stencil data, it was pretty standardized.  Stencils were put where they were put for a specific reason, so there was very little room for variability.  The Fündekals F-4 factory stencil decal, while expensive, is probably just about the last word on the subject. They allow you to download the instruction manual PDF regardless of whether you purchase the decal or not.  I have four of them stashed away for future projects.



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