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F-104A (Early) Backdate Set (and kit bundle) released

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I wanted to let you know that this set, shich had been in development for a long time, is finally available for purchase.

This allows building of highly detailed and accurate early Starfighters with the downward firing C-1 seat.

It ties in well with the recent release of Caracal's decal sheets.




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They were upgraded. Unfortunately it's proving difficult to establish when that program took place. It's known that the last downward ejection was in 1959. So I guess the upgrades took place between 1959 and 1960/61.

I recently had a discussion and we saw that the F-104A deployed to Taiwan in 1958 all still had the C-1 seat.

https://www.916-starfighter.de/F-104_USA_Quemoy.htm#:~:text=The first F-104A arrived,Officer was Major Carl H.

I do think the USAF was the only operator of F-104A with C-1 seat. Exported ("second-hand") F-104As like Pakistani etc. had the C-2 seat.

If you can, go with photos. As long as you can see the canopy de-mister tubing you know what seat is installed.



C-2 :





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