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3D printed accessories on the way

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21 hours ago, Curt said:

On the JT3D / TF-33 engines for the 707 / C-135 variants; it would be great if someone made them mix-n-match, 1/144, with and without the turbo compressor inlets, as there were various combinations. I plan to do a WC-135B in 1/144. These had the no-turbo compressor inlet types in all four positions. Not sure if there was a standard KC-135E configuration since these were all modifications. Be a nice compliment to the Caracal sheets.




Curt, I feel you! AMT/ERTL & Minicraft both only gave the modeler the option for TC hoods on #2 & #3 TF-33 engines, severely limiting the choice of markings (Correct for EC-135H/P, but not for EC-135C/J).  The inner pylons are different from the outer pylons, so you just can't swap engines around. It requires cutting and repositioning the fan portion of the engine with or without TC hood to the correct inner / outer pylon. Maintrack sold separate 1/72 TF-33 engines and separate inner and outer pylons with and without TC hoods allowing all options possible, but they are long gone now.

I have an almost complete KC-135E engine configuration list; only missing two ser nmbrs. Still working a similar list for EC/NKC/RC 135 models. 



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20 hours ago, Loach Driver said:

How about some modifications for the Revell CH-53G 1/144 kit? 


  • Fuel tank mounts and small fuel tanks for the early USAF HH-53B version.
  • EAPS intake filters. These come with the HH-53C version of the kit but that kit is particularly rare these days. 
  • A conversion kit for the USAF Pave Low, covering everything from the early HH-53H to the MH-53M.
  • Large fuel tanks and mounts for the CH-53D (could come from the Pave Low conversion set). A CH-53D set could also include the latest mods fitted to the CH-53D in Iraq and A/stan during the GWOT.
  • RH-53D conversion set (mirrors and fuel tanks/mounts).


Each set could include accurate shortened undercarriage legs to give the fuselage its proper sit and height when parked.




You are onto something here. I only have a couple Revell 1/144 HH-53C kits, but about 8 or 9 CH-53G kits. Why Revell did not include the extra sprue bits and just blank them out on the instructions, we will never know. Batwings and 600 gal tanks are available from SW-3D in Taiwan and they are very nice. But the most needed parts are the EAPS & IFR probe, not to mention the MH-53J/M conversion and RH-53D mirrors and towing winch/ trapeze. 


Boy, who would have thought that this thread would generate so much interest in such a short time?  

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12 hours ago, Stefan buysse said:




I'd also love the 1/144 KC-135 noses. 

And engines for the 1/144 KC-135's. Not just engines for the KC-135E's, but also CFM 56's for the KC-135R's. These may well be of interest for airliner modellers. Some time ago, I was in the Aviation Megastore in Schiphol and I asked Erwin if there were any aftermarket 1/144 CFM 56's and there weren't.


And strakelets for the 1/144 GWH B-52G's. I'd love to be able to build some more subjects from CD 144-020.


A backdate set for the 1/144 B-1B's from CD 144-025 is also a great idea.


Cheers, Stefan. 

Yes to all this

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12 hours ago, jonbryon said:

Correct engines for a 1/48 C-21 Learjet (to fit the Hasegawa/Revell kit) would be a wonderful accompaniment to CD48096.



I wonder if you could somehow design someway for the extra window in the fuselage? 

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