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1/24th OV-10D+ Bronco

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Here's a quick update for you guys. The engine is ready to be installed. There will be a little more plumbing once the engine is in the nacelle.






Here are shot of some of the other completed stuff.

One of the props.


The nav bag, notice the leather patch w/ wings.


The brain bucket. I still need to add the chin strap and ICS cord but you get the idea.




That's it for now more soon - gotta finish in less than a month.


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I simply cannot express my admiration for your model or your skills. Simply outstanding. Definately my favourite thread on this entire website.

Timmy! is one of the unspoken heroes on ARC.

Echo that in both respects. I read this thread for inspiration, the work's outstanding and the approach (I mean, the engine! That's a very complex shape and he realised it almost casually :thumbsup:) just makes you want to pick up tools and try something new, at whatever level. Salute you, Timmy, I envy your skills.


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You know Timmy this has got to be one of the best examples of the scratchbuilders art I have ever seen. Words simply don't do it justice. All one can do is stare in stunned silent awe. Simply the best.



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Thanks all of you! MUCH TOO MUCH PRAISE. I'm glad to share the project with you! This model is simply an attempt to build all the details I can see in my refference photos. The key for me has been patience and making parts until they look right even if it takes ten times. I have learned a bunch from this model and I highly suggest trying a scratch project - you might be amazed by what you turn out.

Thanks again! This board has been a real source of motivation for me.


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When it comes to your OV-10D+, there's no such thing as "too much praise"...

This project of yours has been helping me in mine as well... thanks to your awesome attempt to make all of the details possible helped me see details that I could never have seen from any of my references, which have helped me in my own effort to scratchbuild details for my models as well...

keep this up sir, we may never know how many people you are helping with this...

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  • 3 weeks later...


After 4+ years this beast is finally done.

I want to thank each one of you who offered your support. This board has been a great motivator for me and I am truly grateful. I hope that this has been a worth thread - it sure has hung around long enough! Thanks again to you all!

I will post more shots soon, after its show debut. But here is a teaser.


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when I first saw that pic I was sure I was looking at a real plane!! It wasn't till I saw the mirror, then read the post did I realise that I was looking at the actual model. This is one spectacular build, and something that I'm sure many around here aspire to be able to do one day!!!!! :D :worship::salute:

I am sitting on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting for the rest of the pics.

you have done yourself proud!!!!!!! :D


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Allright!!! Its finally done!!! Superb job sir!!!

BTW, what show would it be entered?

Let me make the first bet of:

- best aircraft

- best model

- and maybe people's choice

etc. etc. etc.

and maybe a cover shoot and a whole section in FSM...

sir Erin, I sure hope our folks at OBA would attend its debut!!!

P.S. I love that cola in can touch!!!

another P.S.

I'll be continuing my assembly of the 1/48 models, and I hope you may give some detail tips when I post it here in the forums... thanks!!!

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"Cripes-A-Mighty!" :o

Superb Timmy...... :rolleyes:

Congratulations at crossing the finishing line. I can imagine that you may have mixed feelings of joy and relief about now?

As everyone has said, it looks totally real. At first glance, I thought you'd posted a pic of a real bird parked in a hangar to illustrate something you were about to replicate. I did n't even twig that it was on a mirror....I just thought it was a polished floor.... :lol:

This has been a splendid build. :worship:

Very informative and educational. It should inspire more folk to have a go at scratch-building.

Break a leg at the Nats. She deserves to do well and I hope you scoop an armful of awards.

I can't wait to see the full walkaround pics.


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Hot demn!!!! :woot.gif:

What an achievement!! Now that´s so awesome I can´t describe it!! It has such mass and presence that it´s impossible to tell it´s a model!


How many manhours did it take do you think?


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Thanks fellas!

Yes I am taking this one to Nats as has been the goal, to think I was originally thinking I would be make the 2005 Nats.

Congratulations at crossing the finishing line. I can imagine that you may have mixed feelings of joy and relief about now?

GW - I think is it exactly as you say mixed feelings. I am certainly glad it is done and I am ready to move on to other projects. But I keep thinking I have more to do on the OV-10 - its like when I was in school at the beginning if Summer vacation, I would think I have school tomorrow and the realize I don't..

How many manhours did it take do you think?

I'm not sure, I didn't log it, but I'd guess 4000hrs, including the time it took to do the drawings. The drawings alone took almost a calendar year.

It looks awesome. I can't wait to see a huge photo spread on this one! Don't hold back!

Lots of photos! I promise!


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