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My first ARC model :) (10 pics)

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Well I've been working on it for a week or two and here are a collection of screenies I took with my webcam (Good webcam, not a good digital camera :P)

This is my biggest and most ambitious project I've done. It is also the first time I've used superdetail cockpits and parts from other companies and I must say they're great.

I hope the amount of pics isn't silly but I wanted to show everything I'm proud of.










Comparison with the Avenger cannon....it's huge and nicely modelled.


I used a pastel wash on most things, first time using this technique and I'm very happy with it :thumbsup:



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Looks great, cockpits are the one thing that really test my patience :thumbsup: , I have to try and build more just for the practice, I have spent a small fortune on aftermarket sets over the years and can honestly say I've yet to achieve the finish I desire on one of them.

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Jake, that is superb! I especially love the ejection seat. Almost looks like you washed it with oils, not pastels.. Don't you just love it when the details pop out at you like that?? :thumbsup: :wacko:

Keep posting 'em!


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Thanks for the ever-so kind replies. You don't know how much it means to me to have my work appreciated. David Walker, if you do go for one, make sure you get the CE cockpit because the OOB cockpit is terrible. Lets the whole kit down.

Ant, the cockpits are actually my favourite part of the build. I used to do alot of Warhammer minitures a year or two ago (When I was 14) so I'm very used to painting minutely and enjoy it immensly, especially when it turns out just as you wanted it to and it all pays off. No better feeling than looking at a completed peice of work and thinking "I couldn't have done that any better, I'm really bloody happy with that" :lol:

I have to say that the results of the pastel wash were better than what I'd expected. I like this method because 1. it's so easy to do...I mean, it's almost embarresly easy :rolleyes: B) 2. If you mess up or don't like a spot, you can just rub it off with your thumb or using some damp cloth. 3. it makes all them details pop up...I've fallen inlove with it!!

Again, thanks for the replies. I'll post more as I go along. I have to buy a new bottle of Liquid glue and some decent filler.



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