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Was stalled for a little while until I could settle on a camouflage scheme for the Bv-215 but finally found what I wanted. Then it was a matter of materials, this particular effort required two boxes of Stick-to-it to lay out the pattern,


The model was coated with a medium gray before the pattern was laid then shot with RLM63 then the adhesive was removed.


Still have quite a bit of work to do. So, what do you think so far?


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This is a Luftwaffe 1946 project. It was under development on paper in January 1945. It was related to the Bv-212 which was under mock-up at the end of the war. The kit is an all resin job from Fliegerhorst out of Germany. There is a link to their site on my website under the links heading. There is also a full kit review on my site.

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Hi Swanny, Great look on the `46 jet. I saw that kit somewhere and am quite interested.Actually ,I `m starting to collect WWII /post war `46 German aircraft along with "Fantasy" craft from Pend Oreille Models(Arado 248)

So far I`ve got the AmTech Huckebein ,Tam Me 262 ,Eduard He 280,Dragon Horton flying wing,Arado 234C (which I see on your site ,that you haven`t got one :thumbsup: )

How do you find the quality of the kit ? I may want to get one,great looking jet !!

Please keep posting,I`ll be glued to the screen for more :wacko:

Cheers :

Paul T

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Paul, I do have a 234c just haven't had time to do the review yet. The fliegerhorst Bv-215 is a very good kit for a cottage industry production. Overall parts fit is good but the kit lacks lots of interior detail itmes. I scratch built most of the interior items and there are no decals. Some work and a good spares box will produce an exceptional model.

I finished all assembly on this today and the Future is drying down while I sort through the decal box looking for appropriate items.

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