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Pete the Pom Inspector!

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This has taken a while (over two years now) mainly because i thought i had stuffed up the build.

It's a bit dark but here is the practice layout for the yellow & red roundels which cover the plane. These will be printed on white decal stock and trimmed to size.

I've been doing trial & error and this is the best i could come up with. Next decal will be the nose art which i have in a basic form.


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Wishful thinking guys  :lol:

Must be springtime...you know...young lads...hormons... :wacko:

One question: what are those roundels for? special markings? If so, what´s their function? Google came up with some nice pictures of the aircraft, but no info at all.


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These markings are for assembly ships, B24's that had flown missions and returned badly damaged. They were patched up and painted in vivid colours and lit up like christmas trees.

The lights and colours allowed the bomber fleet to get into the correct formation for each squadron. This is one of my favourites.

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