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Fw190D-9 - Hasegawa 1/32

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After talking for 2 hours with several people in my favorite hobby shop this morning (and getting as many different advices as number of people there <_< ) I did choose to try a new method of weathering, different from my work on previous planes.

So :

- I do not put a protective clear coat (Future) before wash

- I will put oil wash directly on the acrylic paint, first rubbed with MicroMesh 8000.

Why ? mostly to reduce number of paints/varnish layers. I want to keep my rivet lines and it could be difficult after Future+deals+Future+wash+flat coat.

As I will not put many decals on this bird (most markings are either painted with masks or dry transfers from HobbyDecal), one of the main reason for using a Future coat is no more needed.

The dark brown oil wash is carefully put into panel lines. Excess wash is quickly removed with a soft cloth, dampened in thinner if needed.

Here is an intermediary result on left wing (all other parts of plane as not received any wash for now). Structural lines and doors lines are quite visible with the wash, and rivets lines are still visible (although it is not easy on this picture).


NB1 : Fuselage is not "oil washed" yet

NB2 : I opened and started painting small fuel tank refueling trap door behind cockpit.

NB3 : Chipped paint on wing root is done by scratching paint with a scalpel blade, showing underneath silver paint.

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