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The rear fuselage exhauts had a moulded resin lip to represent the exhaust trunking. This detail was crushed as I sanded the part as the exhausts are just at the location you need hold the part to sand it.

I sliced off the remaining detail, drilled out the resin and inserted plastic drinking straw offcuts to represent the exhausts - this also had the advantage of giving depth to the exhausts (which are otherwised moulded solid).

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The main fuselage parts glued together with cyano using plastic card offcuts to fill the gaps between the parts and various grades of wet-n-dry paper. I would have primed it but the "paint booth" is on a 6th floor balcony facing the English Channel (very well ventilated!!) but it is a tad windy at present and so this will have to wait until tomorrow.

The kit has great detail, inlcuding a full interior, plus Sea Skua Missiles , AS-12 Missiles, Mk 46 and Stingray torpedoes. You can model all Lynx variants, including the HMA Mk8, with its Sea Owl nose equipment - which I have heard said "gives the aircraft character" but personally I think it makes it "just plain ugly". Thus I am building an HAS Mk 3.



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Good luck with the build, I've often thought about getting this kit but have been put off by the expense I will follow your build with interest, please post in progress pics as you proceed.

I'm with Ant.

Looks to have a good shape to the nose and lots of bumps on the engine cowlings. I agree about the Mk8 nose, bit of a mess, but I do like the Brazilian nose with the faired top section and the radome underneath.

Keep the updates coming.



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