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I have had dealings with the following traders, all deals went down without a hitch. I personally found them all to be excellent traders.

Darren Howie from Sydney, Australia.

Chris Evenden from Canberra, Australia

Mike Reeves from the US of A

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I have made many deals with many people and have yet to get burned ( knock on wood). Some of these people include:

Don Hamade / Canada

Bob Binder / USA

Juan Martin / Argentina

Brian Marbrey / USA

Beau Miller / USA

Dave Roof / USA

Ron Hoover / USA

Like I said there has been many and I have missed a few I am sure. But these names on this list are good to go .


Dave Fassett

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Guest topgun_fighter

Here is my Good Traders List... :D

Bob Binder /USA B)

NEU / Hungary B)

Dave Fasset / USA B)

Ron Hoover / USA B)

G. R. Eliott /Australia B)

Don Hamade / Canada B)

René" Armando "Girón" Amaya / El Salvador B)

David Horn / USA B)

Justin Davenport/ USA B)

Thanks for all guys!!!! B)

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Hi All,

Deal with confidence with ANY of these great people. Cheers! B)


Ken Middleton

Fred Krause

Thomas M. Lore

Jacob Russell

John Hangen

Stephen W. Hall

Mike Reeves

Mike Valdez

Jonathon Krenzel

Dave Roof

Bob Neuharth

Sean Glaspell

Ruud van der Salm


Donald Mills


Lyle "Tilt" Katcher

James Carver

Harold Kieswetter

Henk Wu

Don Weixl

Thanks guys!


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Here be a few additions to some of the names listed thus far.....

Patrick Keenan

Pat Perales

Al Creamer

Jack "Bug" Zeleznik

Greg Wise

Brad Duck

"Styrene" Gene Onako, Jr

Brad Chun

Mike Valdez

Koen L.

This is by no means an all inclusive list, just some of the good ole' boyz I've traded within in the last few weeks.

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B) ok I'll Play. I know I am sick,

but I have had nothing but GREAT TRANSACTIONS with the following people:

Steve Stohr

Greg Wise

Mike Valdez

Koen L.

Fred Krause

Mike Reeves

Dave Roof

Terry Dean

Mark Hoffman

Jeff Fontaine

Kelly Jamison

Jarrod Cunningham

Jim Fox

Tom Choy

Juan Solorzano

Lutz Gretschel

Mike Moser

Simon Dery

Vern Gwin

Bill Suggs

Larry Engesath

Victor Kam

Craig Seargent

Like everyone else says, theres tons more, but these are the most recent!!


Jack aka BUG

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Guest Johnnyfartpants5

Here is my list, many of which have already been named:

Steve Stohr

Craig Quattlebaum

Wayne Fowler

Dave Roof

Tim Hortman

Gene Onacko

Craig West

Gene Di Fonso

Tom Calbury

Brad Chun

Mike Valdez

Steve Spandorf

Nick Kiriokos

Kelly "Dieter" Jamison

Bill Nix

Chris Bucholz

Jim Clark

Craig Sargent

David Loughhead

John Tavendale

Rex Barker

Peter Knieling

Bob Binder

Scott Brown

Jarrod Cunningham

Dave Irons

Jack Lewis

Jack Zeleznik

Rich Macer

Fuji Ramos

Jeff Stoermer

Martin Bangert

David Chan

Steven Corvi

Gary Ferris

Larry Hawkins

Larry Engesath

Kevin Ingraham

Aaron Pfau

Joe Pestuglicci

Greg Wise

That is just off the top of my head. I have been fortunate enough to trade/sell/buy from every one of these guys and all have been superb!! No worries from any of em. B)


Mike Reeves

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James A's hall of fame...

Sebastien Lebeau

Joshua Lee

Gordon Kwan

John Bibay

Royal Stuart

West Hilburn

Jeff Stoermer

David W Aungst

Ken Butler

John Estes

Michael Moore

Chris Deppisch

Kelly Quirk

Steve Belanger

Kaan Gok

All these guys are great. :D

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Guest Guest_neu

This is my updated good trader list. Only the guys that I already closed succesful deal's with. There are some of them with pending deals, theye're not here now. I'll update again if they're closed our businnes. You can trust all these guys. Maybe here are some missing of the locations, I'm writing it out of my head now, so sorry if anybody missing from the list this time!

Patrcik Spitaels / Belgium

Lyle Katchur / Canda (I hope :D

Ken Middleton / USA

Rick Geisler / USA

Bob Binder / USA

John Bibay / Usa

Fabio D'Angelo / Brazil

Andrew Renshaw / USA

Fred Krause / USA

Dan Jackson / USA

Dawid Howard / USA (e-bay)

John Tooley / USA

Gabor Barna / Hungary

Istvan Zsoldos / Hungary

Greetings, neu

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Here is a list of a few of the good ones out there. If I forgot someone, please accept my apologies.

Patrick Keenan

Aurora, IL

Rob Bailey

Rick Bilak

Al Creamer

Al Crawford

John Curran

Mike Duguay

Gary Ferris

Mac Johnston

John King

Jeff Larkin

Jim Marrs

Phil McSweeney

Gene Onacko, Jr.

Todd Pollock

John Rauscher

Mike Riedeman

Emmanuel Ruiz

Dave Schemel

Mira Slajer

Dennis Sliney

Mike Smeltzer

Steve Stohr

George (Ming) Tupper

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Just a partial list, some good folks that I've dealt with:

1. Steve Stohr.

2. Don Hamade

3. Ken Bailey

4. Brian Marbrey

5. Darren Roberts

6. Kevin Carroll

7. Mike Reeves

8. Bill Wesley

9. Dave Roof

10. Kelly Quirk

11.Todd Barbee

12.Ed Rhodes

13. Big Josh Henderson

Geez....I hope I didn't forget anyone.........

Buy with confidence from any of these guys - you will not be disappointed. B)

Edited 7/19/03: Added Kelly Quirk's name to the list - he hooked me up with a primo set of VF-84 decals a while back, and I honestly can't believe I forgot to add him to my list. Sorry about that, Kelly! :o

Edited 9/25/03: Added Todd Barbee and Ed Rhodes to the list - two more excellent traders!

Edited 11/26/03 - Added Big Josh Henderson to the list - many thanks again, Josh!

Edited by Steve Filak
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well here is my list of good traders...

steve stohr

jack zelznik

steve nelson

john estes

vern gwinn

mike reeves

dave roof

mark, indydog, sorry can't remember your last name

i know there are a few more, but you know the mind is the first thing to go...

mandie B)

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My good trader list is as follows:

Jarrod Cunningham

Dave Roof

Creighton Henthorn Jr

Sebastian Manfre

Dave Fasset

Mike Winn

Andrew Desaultas (did I spell it right?? )

....these guys are just to name a few.

Brian Marbrey

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My list of recent and multiple deals...

Sean Bratton


Dave Roof

Daniel Butcher

Fred Krause

Jeff Stoermer

Mike Winn

Mike Reeves

Thomas Lore

Jeff Brundt

Justin Davenport


John Bibay

Gene Onacko

Sean Tobin

Blaine Miller

Steve Stohr

And many, many more single deals that I cannot remember them all, but all good. :wacko:


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Just wanted to add Jerry Richardson to the list of good traders. I recently completed a deal with him for a 1/32 P-40. It was a pleasant experience. Two thumbs way, way up for Jerry! :blink:


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