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Ted Johnston, aka Teddysalad, good friend and treats me well for the decals I print.

Dan and Dennis Sauter, two young men with a lot of good morals.

George O'neil aka Irishfan, good sense of humour and a great guy to trade with.

Mike Van Schoonhoven aka Mvann , a huge help with photo's of B-17's.

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Just to add my two cents worth..I am used to buying stuff on-line, but thsi is the first time I have bought from this kind of on-line trade..

I jhave to add 3 names to this list...

Kriegsketten ( Lawrence Goh), VMFABlacknights (David Mielke) and most especially JWalker217 (Joedie Walker).

All 3 of these gentlemen are good to deal with, very understanding of an ill-timed postal strike and displayed great patience.

Kits arrived safe and sound, well packed and the guys are friendly and a pleaseure to deal with.

Liam ( yeeah1)

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Ok.. Ok.. this is my Approved GOOD GUY List, Never got a problem with them...


Emil Varosi



Sebastian Lim



Jason Cheah

Mr B


Fred Krause

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Thanks Holger AKA Hornet!

Was a pleasure dealing with you to.

Also some other people I have delt with that are great traders:

Brian Marbery VF-103guy

Jim Barnett Sabre

Shane Ozaki Bullet100

And there have been a lot of others that I have done deals with.

Thanks guy's


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I never noticed that this was pinned. :cheers:

Here's my all-time list in alphabetical order. If I missed anyone, sorry. My memory is not what it used to be.


Lee "Bozar" Bosely

Robert "Bob" Bourque

Sean Bratton

Tim Campbell

James Clark

Justin "Bubbinski" Davenport

Richard "DinoRich" Janusz

Lyle "Tilt" Katchur

Colin Kunkel

Shone "Racer X" Lau

Mark Lynam

Ken Middleton

Michael Mone

Peter "98Phan" Montreuil

Emil "Elmo" Varosi

Randy Wise

Hobby Shops:

Great Hobbies (Stratford PEI)

Great Models Webstore (SLC UT)

Hobby Link Japan

Invader Hobbies (Calgary PEI)

North Star Hobbies (Mississauga ON)

The Train Trax (Quispamsis NB)

Uncle Bills Hobbyshop (Calgary AB)

Uneeda Hobby (Truro NS)

Edited by Charlie "Cheetah"
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I have had the pleasure of dealing with a few ARCer's, and they are ALL standup guys!!!

They are: (In no particular order)

Don G.-----DONG

Andre P.-----pttaa

Henk W.------h wu

Haroon H.-----Valkyrie_04

Anthony W.

Robert C.

Michael J.

Ernie S.

Holger P.

Ken L.

Kevin B.

......more to follow.

Thanks very much guys!!!!

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Here are the great traders on A.R.C. that I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Cash Dealings:

Kits for money: (me buying the kits/decals)

longmc (Mike Long)


Pete "Pig" Flieischmann


Gordon @ Sprue Brothers.

Money for kits: (me sending the kits)




Traded Value for Kits:

Darren Roberts

These guys are all great traders and I would do business with them in a heart-beat.

Thanks for keeping it straight guys. You do credit to the "Good Trader" name.

And if there's anybody I've missed out in terms of trades. My bad. Please speak up.

Also there's numerous generous souls who have contributed kits and stuff to me. I hope I can (when fortunes turn around for me), do the same for you

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I'll add the ones I have dealt with and received fantastic service:





CW3 Erik Swanberg

MA Cooke

Sprue Brothers- Gordon Kwan

Wild Blue Models- Pete Fleischman

Iron Works Models- Randy

:D :banana::cheers:

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:wasntme: I'm just wondering why I haven't been placed on the Good Trader list. I've been selling and trading here for quite some time and I've given some great deals and many have been repeat dealings. I'm never rude and I've even given away stuff to guys who are in need of parts or spare decals.

Hope you don't mind if I toot my own horn here, but I seem to go un-noticed and I'd like others to know how great I am to deal with.


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