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!/32nd F-14B VF-102 - Almost Done

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Title ssays it all, its my 3/4's or so complete F-14B buld from the Tamiya Black Knights Boxing, incorporating A BB Pit, (with Bombcat mods) Teknicks airframe conversion, and CAM Decals for VF-102



Targeting pod


And a slightly closer look at the Pit - Front seet not yet fitted, - and the front canopy framing still needs tyding up!


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Great work! Doesn't it feel good to near completion on that kit? That's a TON of work. One suggestion I might make is to take off one of the small blade antennas behind the GPS dome. I believe there should only be one back there. Again, outstanding work, and you need to put that in the Tomcat Group Build.

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Blade antena removed, I did wonder about that one!, and yup I may well enter it in the GB

BTW I've ordered the Flightpath carrier deck section, and diorama set , I figured if I spent so much time on the cat , the least I could do is give her somewhere suitable to rest !

Thanks for the nice comment , its been a long haul from November last year when I started , I remeber re-scribing part of her on Xmas day - now that's dedication!, or insanity..... :lol:

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