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Guidelines for Starting a Group Build

Group Builds are a great way for modelers sharing similar interests to get together and build models of common interest to the group. ARC has been hosting group builds for quite some time now, but with the recent surge of interest in group builds, the staff has decided to set some guidelines for the organization of official ARC Group Builds.

All official ARC Group Builds must be approved by a member of the ARC Staff. Communication is key and there is a good reason for this. First, the staff must consult the list of current and future group builds to ensure that the proposed group build doesn't conflict with any current or future group builds. Preventing conflicts is vital to the success of group builds. Remember, too many group builds running at any given time can cause confusion and counter-productivity. People tend to want to join multiple group builds at one time, and winding up losing focus on their projects. This is why it's important that there is some reasonable limit placed on the number of builds running at any given time.

Specific starting and ending dates will be published. If the folks running the build need to change any of these (even if before the build starts), they must communicate the changes to the ARC Moderating staff. The staff will then either approve or deny the changes based on any impact to other group builds.

The maximum amount of time allotted to any group build is six months. This should be plenty of time for everyone to finish up a model or two for any given group build. It also enables the staff to cycle new builds into the rotation faster, in order to cater to the widest variety of interests possible. A specific start date and end date must be specified, or one will be assigned by the staff. Of course, builds can always have a shorter duration than six months, and in some cases, this is actually desirable.

Each proposed group build must have an organizer/moderator. When your group build is approved, a sub-forum will be created in the Current Group Builds section, and the organizer will be assigned as a moderator for the forum. Up to two additional moderators may also be assigned. On the day following the end date of the Group Build, the sub-forum will be moved from Current Group Builds to Completed Group Builds.

Group build coordinators/moderators can reserve the right to disallow any model that has appeared in any previous or concurrent build. This decision will strictly be left to the group build coordinators.

Raffle prizes may be procured by the build organizers, but this is not a requirement for approval. Any responsibility for the distribution of raffle prizes will rest with the build organizer. The ARC Staff makes no claim of warranty, implied or actual, for the timely distribution of raffle prizes, or for any loss or damage as a result of shipping said prizes. Also, prizes are to be distributed as a result of raffle only, as group builds are not intended to be run as contests.

On the subject of raffle prizes: they are certainly not a requirement, but if you decide to offer raffle prizes as a part of your group build, it then becomes your obligation and responsibility to follow through. Failure to ship group build prizes after a group build in a timely fashion could have a potentially negative effect on ARC, and we cannot allow the site's reputation to be damaged. An important part of being considered as a future group build coordinator is the ability and willingness to follow through, start to finish. Remember, being a group build coordinator is a privilege, not a right. If in doubt about the ability to deliver raffle prizes at the end of a group build, it is better not to offer them if any problem in shipping is anticipated. Any issues that arise during distribution of any prizes must be reported to the ARC moderators immediately.

Group build banners are permitted, so long as they meet the guidelines for size (750 x 150 pixels max).

After that everyone must ask permission to go to the toilet.

The decision to approve any official group build lies solely with the ARC Staff. While we would like to approve all group builds, this may not be feasible due to conflicts or a lack of sufficient interest. Also, the ARC Staff reserves the right to augment or modify these rules at any time, depending on need.

We'd like to thank everyone for their interest in group builds, and we wish success to all current and future Group Build organizers. Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.


The ARC Staff

Edited by Ken Middleton
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