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What did you get at the Hobby Shop today?

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Recived today my Naval Fleet Im adding to the stash.

all 1/700

7 Dragon USS.Arleigh Burke Class DDG's

4 Dragon Ticonderoga Class CG's

2 Dragon Oliver Hazard Perry Class (late) FFG's

1 Skywave USS. Porter Arleigh Burke Class DDG

1 set GMM Arleigh Burke Flt II Photo Etch


1 1/350 Trumpeter USS.. The Sullivans

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Sort of a combo of at the hobby shop and mail. Either way, I got some killer kits. I ordered the SH-60,F-16I,and JU-87D from Spruebrothers and they got here FAST! The Skunkmodel kit from LuckModel to complement the F-16I, awesome price and quick shippin, considering it came from east Asia. The F-18 the wife bought because she saw me ogling it yesterday, and the Harrrier I bought at a LHS sale. Big win all around.


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First not all ready opened, not a consignment and not something for somebody else in a long time.

Monogram EA-6B and a Tamiya F-16. Got a very good deal on them. Course the store DOES have everything at 40% off. (Everything except the E-2s) (Air support hobbies in Kitchener .)

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Not today but back on Monday I strolled down to Liberty Books and Hobby in Norman OK and picked up the Airfix Tardis with Dr Who and Martha. Nice big kit. They could have done a lot more with the electronics.

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I went out Saturday and got some paint, thought I'd try a tube of squadron green just for kicks, Great Scale Modelling 2010, and a hasegawa Kittyhawk MKIII out of the sale bin. Great kit to grab since it has all the parts to do a K or an M, so a lotta left over goodies.

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Sadly, no reasonably priced LHS anywhere near here. But on eBay, I got a Revell F-22 in 1:72 and a F-15E in 1:48. I also ordered a Academy F/A-18C and a Hobbycraft CF-18/F/A-18A kit.

The F-15E was supposed to be 1:72, I got the 1:48 by the sellers mistake, it may get traded, if not, it is becoming a F-15SE, but that will probably be a while. The F/A-18C will become a CF-18AM, and the CF-18A kit will become a VCF-12 blue flanker aggressor once I track down the Two Bobs decal sheet for it. The F-22 will be stock.

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Yesterday I picked up a bunch of EZ Masks for a number of projects I have waiting along with some paint. Put the LHS gift certificate I got for Xmas to good use.

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