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Hi everyone. I'm sorta new here, but tend to hang out over in FSM a lot. Thought I'd come over here now to check things out and share a few pics of my recent builds in the process.

Here is Emergency Strip a solid nosed B-25J (old 1991 Monogram kit) I finished earlier this year. She'll be weathered a bit more and placed in a maintenance themed diorama at a later date. Starting off with a few in-progress pictures followed by some pics of her in her current state.



I used Verlinden's W-C R2600 engine for the port engine. Styrene and tinfoil for the frame around it (frame needs to be weathered just a tad). Eduard PE parts where used (i.e., ammo belts in nose, antennae, bomb bay, and cockpit). The ammo boxes in the nose are from Meteor Production's .50 caliber guns. I have some leftover ammo belts and guns from the MP stuff that will likely be used in the diorama.

Panel lines were shaded with Tamiya OD... it's much, much darker than MM Acryl OD which "Strip" is done in overall.




...and here she is together with my other B-25J "Apache Princess" on temporary display in the office until the new house is finished and I have the time to display them properly. Notice the difference between Tamiya OD (top) on Apache Princess, and Model Master OD (bottom) on Emergency Strip.


Thanks for looking!

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Looking great Quagmyre! I'm working on the same bird in 1/2.

That'll take up some space in the living room... ;) :woo:

#¤%! Keyboard!!!!!! I meant 1/72 of course. :(

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