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Lockheed FDL-5 MA

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Hi Fouga23 !

I don't know why, but your reply does not show up on the message board, and i cannot see it either when i clicked ''reply''..

so i just copied it.

Yes.. :s indeed, a number of people mentionned that..

(sadly too.. as i was trying to distance myself as much as possible to any reference to that movie.. after i heard this for the first time).

The fact is, it is very different from the spaceship from that movie:

The Planet of the Apes spaceship (which was losely based on existing shapes of that era) had an elliptical cross section.

The Lockheed FDL-5 MA have a triple truncated trapezoidal cross section.

Then it have a small fin (the imaginary spaceship from the movie had none), and the factual, real spacecraft Lockheed FDL-5 MA does have two Mach 3 external drop tanks, and pop-out wings. It also have a rocket engine.

(the FDL-7, various versions, also use pop pout wings. Mc Donnell Douglas spent a considerable amount of time studying and developing the FDL-7, while Lockheed concentrated on the FDL-5 (both manned and unmanned, and actually build the first one, flew it, and build the 'fullscale mockup'' for the manned version (which may actually be a real aircraft.. not a mock up).

I think i will have to scan and post pictures of the unmanned, and various other informations that will wake up a lot of people..

Actually.. i even have the paint scheme for the nose section heat protection system.. (made of di-boride), it is clearly indicated in the paper i have at home).

Just got to wait until next week though.. as i must pay for the scanning (no computer at home).

I posted a lot more information about the FDL-5 MA on page 10 of real jets (or is it jet modelling?).

More details coming.

And now i must work on that boxart.


Fouga23 Posted: Mar 28 2005, 06:23 AM

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Is it just me or does it look like the spaceship from planet of the apes?


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Nice website Tim !

So we are both Belgians (!) :)

(well.. i've never set foot there, but my ancestors are from that area).

And you love the Fouga Magister (aaah.. makes me remember my childhood readings of my Tanguy et Laverdure :))

(I did not know Fonderie Miniature had made a Fouga Magister).


Stratosphere Models.

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Hi Stephane

thanks for the explenation :-) Nice to hear you have Belgian ancestors! Yip, Fonderie has a 1/48 Fouga, but it has some big errors. the biggest is the completely wrong canopy ;)

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