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I've finally found the time to get more work done on my Arrow, and took some pictures this morning.

Since my last posts here, I've assembled the main airframe components so the kit is mostly together, with the exception of the vertical stabilizer. (click thumbnail for larger)


Also showing the work on the monster side seam. You can see where I scribed the removable weapons pack.


I've also finished the main gear wells. The extra wiring will be done after painting.


And here are the main gear themselves, and the wheels.



To see (slightly) more and for construction details, go to my web page:


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Nice scratchwork John ,I look forward to seeing the build progress. Mine`s still in the stash,but like cream ,it`s making it`s way to the top.I may wait for the aftermarket resin set before I begin.

Post often :thumbsup:

Paul T

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I may wait for the aftermarket resin set before I begin.

What!?! Just my luck, after all that work, they come out with a resin set... Link?

And thanks for the psotive feedback, everyone. I aim to have another update within a few days.

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New update: (click images to enlarge)

I added engines using parts from a Tomcat, and turned out for be a decent stand-in for a J-75. It's sprayed with Alclad jet axhaust, and the nozzles are jet exhaust with pale burnt metal on the petals.



Next I painted the main landing gear. I gave them an Alclad glass black base, then sprayed polished aluminum on the oleos, and aluminum for the rest, and gave the whole thing a black sludge wash after I took the photos, and did the same to the wheels I posted last update.



:thumbsup: <---------- I like this one.

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