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Lunar Models NX-2000

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Through the extreme graciousness of a friend of mine (and a little bit of cash), I now posess this monster sized mixed-media kit.

Does anyone else out there have this thing in their collection? OR, has anyone attempted to build it before? If so, any input would be most welcome!

Of course I do have some ideas on lighting this thing up. (I'd be crazy not to!) What I would like is to somehow design a circuit for the photon torpedo launchers.


What I had in mind was a kind of circuit that incorporates a triangular wave output to some red LED's (simulating the "powering up" of the launchers), and then a flash circuit (to mimic the actual launch of the torpedo), and then have both the lights shut off (the torpedo having been launched).

Now, I haven't run across many people who know much more than wiring simple strobe timers and LED's/Lamps.

If by some miracle of a chance that someone reading this knows what I'm talking of and how to get it done, please email me through this service. I will be writing a diary of sorts about the construction of this, and will make profuse mention of anyone who helps out.

Take care folks... good luck on the bench.

Paul :o

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