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Someone's got waaaaaay tooooo much free time on their hands.   :wave:

This from a model builder :worship: ?????



Exactly! :lol:

That, and it would seem from the writtings that Darth Vader is really Marvin the Paranoid Android in disguise.

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The guy who composed the above pic had a nice idea, but doesn't know SW a lot, right?


My thoughts exactly.....

Someone should do a takeoff, and design a droid that would be the product of a "union" between an R2 droid and a Dalek...what sort of child would they have? Whatever it would be, it would have a domed head with a blinking red light and lots of the lovely bumps all over its sides.....

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wish i had twigged this to start with, but the diary entries are the most recent at the top. the story starts at the bottom..........

( i wondered why he was referring to everything backwards.. :thumbsup: :P )

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