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Fine Molds X-Wing

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I have found a Fine Molds X-Wing at a local shop. I would love to try it, having seen the build here on your website, but $41 is a chunk of change, plus, I've been out of the loop for awhile. Is it worth the exhorbiant charge? Perhaps I should pick it up and put it the stash and try after a few more kits? I also saw the old AMT kit is back, but I recall building that as a kid (nightmares) and I'm trying to stick with 1/72 kits.

Any feedback is welcome.


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It's beautifully detailed.....I've got one in my stash. I'm not sure if it is a limited issue and is hard to find. I know I had trouble getting mine.

Steve B

ARC Night Shift

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So far all Fine Molds Star Wars kits are excellent. The X-Wing is not an exception... you'll want to buy the Tie Fighter, Tie Interceptor, Jedi Starfighter. The Slave I is beautiful but VERY expensive. The upcoming Millenium Falcon will cost about $ 185!

These SW kits are made exclusively for the japanese market, so they're expensive everywhere else... even US importers have to buy them at retail prices.

These kits are not off catalogue, so perhaps trying to find a better price online is a good idea.

Try http://www.hlj.com/product/FNMSW-01-DVD and see how much they charge for shipping...



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Order from HLJ and you can cut the price down quite nicely as they only charge Japanese retail and shipping. Now one way to cut the price even further is to order the X-Wing with the other small kits (Jedi Starfighter, TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor) and you'll end up spreading the cost of shipping around for all of them.

Fit-wise, detail-wise and decal-wise, THIS kit is the standard by which all other Star Wars kits are judged now. They fit together very well and even a novice can build and detail them without much problem.

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I've found some Fine Molds X-Wings on eBay in the $20 ~ $25 dollar range - just keep your eyes open. The Falcon will be well worth it (IMO). I just paid $10.40 for a medium coke at a restaurant in Paris (price wasn't listed - I didn't ask - last time I'll do that...). All price is relative - if it's worth it to you, it's worth it. I've already got the Ertl Falcon, plus the photoetch detail set from Millenium Models ($50 which you can't get anymore) and the Falcon resin upgrade set (around $100) and a Lightsheet engine set (around $40?). I'll still order the new one from HLJ as soon as I can, because it'll be the best one we probably will ever see - and to me, that makes it worth it...


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Afternoon Felinoid,

If you have the chance to grab one the Fine Mold's X very fine X-Wing kits - go for it!!! It's worth every penny. The detail is incredible. When they talk about a model kit with a fit so perfect that the model literally falls together, they were referring to the Fine Mold's X-Wing. I had so much fun building one that I bought a second kit and built it immediately too. Now I have Luke and Biggs flying together again.






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