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Whats a good detailed Star Wars kit to get?

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Any SW kit from Fine Molds...

I second General Grivious for any Fine Molds kits

If your loking for cheap kits, some older ERTL are quite good (the A wing is one of the most easy built and is quite well detailed) but generally, the fit and the detail are not up to date now.

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Hate to whine, but I'm wishing FM would have done the X-Wing in 1/48. The starfighters in general are smaller than comparable contemporary fighters (i.e. F-14), so a 1/72 X-Wing is a bit small for my personal tastes, even though I'm mainly a 1/72 builder! But that's just me....

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Anything in 1/48 scale? Or even sorta close. I'm thinking an X-wing fighter would be a nice addition to the stash.

AMT's Imperial TIE Fighters kit is close to 1/48. It is probably the most modern and best quality kit in AMT/Ertl's SW lineup. No, that's not damning with faint praise. :cheers: It really is a sharp kit- A guy in my club thought it was the FineMolds(he didn't know that FM only does 1/72) at first- since it bears none of the same quality lineage of other AMT/Ertl kits. The fact that you get TWO fighters is also a great bonus.

It's not terribly hard to find. I saw one at Scalefest just last weekend. $30 isn't unreasonable.


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