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f-4E Phantom 1/32 Progress so far

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Hi all

I've started the Phantom f-4f a while before the build group started and it's looking it could be a good one ( for me that is, not a pierre master piece ) it's got lot's of pieces supposed to be 150+ ( no i haven't counted it ) after checking everything looks like it's there so happy. But damn it a lot of pieces to get back at as you can see.


Just from the starting of checking bit im not to fond of the look of the horse in the decals. ( Missus likes it ) So will stay, with that I was thinking of changing the horse, but now staying for it's part of the orgininal aircraft?


Well everything has gone back in the box except the ejection seat. It's not bad and impressed with the lack of flashing that i will have to remove. The strangest thing is that there is 2 spare seat's which is a little confusing but it says not to use them.


After cleaning and priming i assembled the basic ejection sets. I was amazed that the revell cement really seemed to eat the plastic more than i personally like. ( I know it's supposed to be a stronger joint but, still dont like it!) I reverted to using some Mek-Pak. And would you believe it it stuck beautifully. So going to use that for the construction. Please correct me if you think i shouldnt.

I put some extra connection cables for it looked like it need something else. The seat looked too square to me and compared to some reference shots seemed to need some softness, so I used some Green stuff to relax the seat. I know it looks a mess but it will all come out in the wash.


Oh heres a basic seat for comparision.


I used more Green stuff to change the back of the seat and get rid of the seat rigging, for i have ordered the F-4F Phantom II interior 1/32 from Eduard I know i could have sanded them down but i still wanted a softer look than the solid plastic will give. I also did the same with the headrest but just the top of it. I would suggest that if your going to use addtions get one of the resin cockpits they look fantastic.


Next was some basic painting, only to find that the 2 brushed I had was a glued up 2-O and a 5 so it go a basic colouring but this was good just to get me in the swing.



Well i got a nice 5- O and O brush today so should be able to do some detail work and think that going to put some more additions on the top of the ejection cords.

OH i know that the top connector came unglued so I will be glueing that back down.

well been doing some finishing the base of the cockpit seat's, still waiting for the photo etched from Eduard, seems to be taking too long from them.


Now after seeing some of the wonderful resin cockpits i really wanted to put one of them in, shame it's price prohibited.

I'm going to add some more hi-light to the seating but wanted to see how the belts will look. dont want to have a clashing colour.

So ive moved on doing other bit's ordance etc.


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Hi smee just saw your thread. I have that same kit in my stash. It's the same 1/32 Revell Mig killer mold, I have Three, and I guess RoG got the mold and added the white horse decals.

Will build this one sometime next year along with the 57th USAF Phantom.

Oh and BTW your progress is looking good :thumbsup:

Cheers :cheers:

Andy G

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Hi all

Long time no post, well been a while lol ( 5/6 years ) thought would finish off the F4 which has been sitting in the shed, but now instead of being for me it's going to be a present for my 5year old boy. so heres some shots be nice :rolleyes:. It realy deserved some extra time and bit of touch up in a couple of places but a 5year old he's going to smash it, will be amazed if he don't. Better than just sitting in the shed, as has been for the last 5years.





Merry Christmas all


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That paint scheme is awesome. Might have to look for one of those. Were the decals a pita?

They were the standard decals would have been nice to push the boat out for better decals. Maybe the next model <_<

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