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Found another goldmine

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While I´m at it: any idea where I can get a decent Executor-kit?

I love that Super StarDestroyer and don´t have a lifetime to scratchbuild it (and even if I´d do, I wouldn´t be satisfied, because I would only be able to get the shape right, not the millions of scavanged parts from other kits.

Did anyone notice the soldier in the detailshot of the Executor? Roght in the center of one detailshot, there is a huge soldier (WW2, I think).

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I have been dreaming about an Executor model for years.

Also been doing the same for the Mon Calamari Headquaters Frigate "Home 1", and the winged version called Liberty.

I might start doing some concept work on AutoCAD soon and develop some internals.

I am thinking of making a fibreglass body for the Mon Calamari frigate. Detailing, as you have said would be the hard part and most time consuming. Although, if there is no rush.........a bit here, and a bit there.....and et Voila...a scratchbuilt Mon Calamari Star Cruiser & Executor.



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