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Outer Limits question?

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Last night I caught an episode of Outer Limits, not the original B/W series but the second series in color. This episode was about a hi-rise apt. building that was automated. each floor had a holographic floor attendant. Residents didn't have to to anything. "TV on" "Fridge open" "Order more juice" Well there was a power failure and nothing worked.

I noticed some things as if the program were produced last week. Modern cell phones, a lap top on a desk, the guy even said "lap top on". As the glitch in the computer system that controlled everything progressed, someone said "Looks like a Virus"

I didn't even hear term virus associated with a computer until five years ago. Does anyone remember when the second series was produced? Or is it in production now. Some of the props seemed to be comtemporary.


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The idea of a virus that infects computers has actually been around a long time. The first official definition was I believe made by Fred Cohen around 83. There were some early types that showed up around 81 or so on apple computers. They were also to be found on early minicomputers although they weren't called by that name ( virus ).

Some argue the concept came from early cyberpunk writers like Jeter and Gibson,

personally think its one of those chicken / egg things.

Hackers have been with us even longer, mostly wheedling their way in to phone systems.


Oh, and to answer your actual question - the revival of outer limits started around 95 or so...

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