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OT???? Model Figure companies...

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I'm namely looking for fantasy figures, such as dragons and "Amazon"-type women figures. :crying::beer4:

Maybe Mrs_Madmike (Lori) could point me in a direction to find some.

Not so interested in the anime stuff.

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The Animal

Many of the companies who put out good white metal figures of "amazon"-type women and dragons have now gone by the way side. I have managed to occassionally find some good Ral Patha figures on Ebay.

The company I get most of my 25mm women from is called Reaper. They have a number of dragons in this size too although when they are put together they stand at about 5" tall. Try the Reaper Miniatures web site.

Citadel (Games Workshop) also make a number of dragons in their range as well.




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Pick up a copy of Amazing Figure Modeler as well as Modeler's Resource, Other magazines are Dragon and Dungeon as both will give you links to figure companies.

I have been painting Ral Partha and Grenadier as well as so many others since the early 80's and love painting them.

Might have to dig out some of my stuff to show ya...

William G.

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There's a good resin company by the name of Solarwind

Kinda partial to Alayne. I'm going to try to use a little sculpt-clay to put a bit more clothing on her to resemble a sort of LOTR elf that my wife is writing a fan-fic for. :rofl:

Then of course, there's Falon. Another little elf. :lol:

And there's two figures that I could potentially use as a base for doing a figure of Mara Jade of "Star Wars - Expanded Universe" fame. Namely Altaira or the Ranger figures.

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What scale are those "tasty" figures, mate?

Lori's latest Dragon Miniature Vignette "Magic of the Orb" won Gold at WASMEx 2004 and 1st in the 2005 club finals.



The runes on the open page of the spell book were hand drawn!

She is currently working on a 25mm Reaper Mini's Spider Centaur



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The Solar Wind sculptures are 1/7th scale. They're pretty big, which is great for me because trying to do small miniature Warhammer stuff would drive me insane.

Hey...I already am...so it shouldn't matter. :rofl:

BTW...Lori, the dragon looks absolutely fantastic. Congrats on that WASMEx win.

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Thanx on the Kudos, I actually made that vignette for the WASMEx Comp and when I consider the excellent sci-fi figures it went up against am still blown away that I won.

I have just had a look at the solarwinds website and wow!

Michael is eyeing off a figure and has even offered to buy me a figure of an Native American Maiden from Modellers Resource. :woo:



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Hi Animal

You may want to look at the Dragons line from Mc-Farlane

They are about 1/30shh,scale and with some basic work they can be turrend into ausome show pieces .

They are about 6 inches tall and the detail is anazing.

a bargain at about 14.00$ each

check it out

McFARLANE’S DRAGONS: QUEST FOR THE LOST KING http://www.spawn.com/toys/series.aspx?series=268







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