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Airfix 1/48 Spitfire IXc

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I e-mailed Airfix to see if they had an idea of a release date since the website says "early summer".I got reply this morning to say September 05.

Decal options are to be

73Sqn RAFMalta

222Sqn RAF MH434 (old Flying Machine Company)

421Sqn RCAF (This is a high backed MkXVIe)

Stephen :thumbsup:

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..Question is.......has anyone seen any sprue shots?? As much as I would love a new tool Mk IX, to the 1997 standard of the Airfix Mk22/24 and Seafire Fr 46/47, I'm guessing this is a retool of the existing Mk V molds. The Airfix Spit really isn't a bad kit....it was pretty cool when I first saw it in 1979. :cheers:

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According to an IPMS branch colleague who accosted the people on the Airfix stand at Yeovilton, it's descended from the old Vb via the Seafire IIIC, ie the VC wings and new fuselage etc etc.

Looking forward to it.

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